Influences of United States Infrastructure

Influences of United States Infrastructure

Influences of United States Infrastructure

The United States infrastructure is widely acknowledge as a very important facilitator of the US economy. The positive impact of the infrastructure starts from the obvious ease of access, eases of doing business, communicating, transportation and development. In addition, the US infrastructure has played a very big part in ensuring that the US economy grew into the world’s largest economy. This can be inferred from the importance of the role played by the transportation network in facilitating the nation’s efficiency and economic growth. Good transport networks help producers to access their markets easily and cheaply thus facilitating the growth of their businesses (Guthrie, 2006).

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Vulnerable communities may also as a result get their ways of life and making a living disrupted. Certain infrastructural developments like dams have also been credit with environmental changes. Thus, they are built as they interfere with the climate and the natural flow of rivers.

Ahmed, R., & Donovan, C. (1992). Issues of infrastructural development: a synthesis of the literature. Intl Food Policy Res Inst.

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