Infidelity and forgiveness

Infidelity and forgiveness

Infidelity and forgiveness

According to psychologists, most couples place far too little value on the mistakenly and depth of love that what they are not aware off will not hurt them. On the face of it, affairs will always take away accumulated energy from the primary relationship and on some level, the partner will feel that. Unlike what many suppose, forgiveness is not about letting ourselves off hook.

It is through forgiveness that our hearts will seize enduring the torment that comes from holding on the contravention. Arguably, one of the healthiest responses to fidelity is forgiveness. Additionally, it acts as recompense to a person with an injury for having gone through torture.

The majority of the people have a strong opinion that is against living with a person who has let them down in this way. However, the truth of the matter is that with time and hard work, the issue can have a solution and the wound can encounter healing. To make this possible, a lot of acceptance and forgiveness is required from the one in the wrong. Subsequently, the partner who has been wronged must also be willing to accept and allow the person to repent.

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The subject of infidelity and forgiveness is of paramount importance since the identifying of its various limitations. It is for this reason that further research is paramount. For instance, the sample selection in these articles has been a huge drawback. Participants and therapists were obtain through a convenience sample of a rather homogenous group.

Case, B. (2005). Healing the wounds of infidelity through the healing power of apology and forgiveness. Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy, 4(2-3), 41-54.

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