Industrial maintenance using Fuzzy Logic

Industrial maintenance using Fuzzy Logic

Industrial maintenance using Fuzzy Logic

Industrial maintenance using Fuzzy Logic: Organization have been shifting from traditional ways of running business to modern. These modern approaches guarantee going concern of a business. In traditional approach, businesses’ main objective was making profit (Wang, 2014).However, this is fading away due to emerging business improvement concepts that have been dominant in organizational practices (Fouad & Murad, 2011). In this case, every firm’s main objective is to satisfy its customers, which makes them the central focus.

In addition, enterprises aim at maximizing profits by minimizing production and maintenance costs, producing high-quality goods and improving their service and safety measures (Oke & Owaba, 2007). As such, an efficient maintenance is crucial in reducing production cost as well as ensuring that production deliveries are made in time. We can reduce operation and production costs through optimal utilization of maintenance resources. Effective maintenance depends on proper resource utilization. Due to the scarcity of organizational resources, prioritization mechanism for assigning resources is necessary.

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In summcheduling setting has limitations, which are tough to form into an information system. As can be seen, the main task now becomes the hands-on application of the research on areas of maintenance programming. It also involved the ability to expand ERP systems so as to offer support to customers about the maintenance scheduling problem.

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