Individual Reflection: Reflecting on Leadership Styles

After reading the article titled “Leadership that gets results” by Goleman (2000), it was clear that emotional intelligence is a central characteristic for all successful leaders. Leadership styles vary from one leader to another and the results of the various styles are also varied. The results achieved are all dependent on the leader’s ability to select the best leadership style to apply to every particular set of circumstances or individuals. That means that the best leaders are able to use their emotional intelligence to determine the best suited leadership style for every particular situation. That allows them to always get the best out of all situations and to adapt to every situation that comes their way.

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The strategies that were devised were therefore tackled with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication by every cadre in the organization. The leadership of the CEO and the type of followership that he had ensured that the restructuring process was a success and that the future operations in the organization were also successful.

Bjugstad, K., Thach, E. C., Thompson, K. J., & Morris, A. (2006). A fresh look at followership: A model for matching followership and leadership styles. Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, 7(3), 304.

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