Individual Reflection: Following and Leading

The world over, leadership, particularly effective leadership, remains as an elusive concept. Everybody seeks to determine what individual traits or personalities distinguish certain individuals as effective or successful leaders and other individuals as unsuccessful. This essay presents an individual reflection on personal leadership traits and characteristics. Specifically, this essay will present the results of the Big Five Personality Test and evaluates the effect of this author’s personality on individual leadership and following behavior.

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Another key area to develop is my visionary and strategist skills which are necessary for me to combine the strength and courage of an effective leader and follower. By developing and advancing my personality, I hope that I will have a stronger voice to the challenges encountered in my workplace

Barrick, M., Mount, M., & Li, N. (2013). The theory of purposeful work behavior: The role of personality, higher-order goals, and job characteristics. Academy of Management Review, 38(1), 132-153.

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