Increasing Reading Fluency in Young Learners

Choral reading is a form of teacher assisted oral reading strategy in which the teacher guides the students to read out a text. It is an instructional technique for incorporating fluency into the general education system. The teachers choose the material that they find fit for the level of the children to practice fluency.

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In conclusion, fluency is an integral part of reading and also learning. It is, however, a skill that a large number of students lack. As a result of the difficulty in reading and also comprehension, it may lead to too intense frustration of the student. It is important that all the students are involved in rigorous activities and techniques to develop their fluency entirely. The teachers also have a significant role to play at employing techniques to improve the fluency of the students.

Begeny, J., Krouse, H., Ross, S., &Mitchell, C. (2009). Increasing elementary-aged students’ reading fluency with small-group interventions: A comparison of repeated reading, listening passage preview, and listening only strategies. Journal of Behavioral Education 18(1), 211-227.

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