Incarcerating Juveniles

Incarcerating Juveniles

Incarcerating Juveniles

About 130000 juveniles happen to be detained in America every year with over 70,000 in detention on a given day. Additionally, little is in the know if such a penalty tends to deter future crime or merely disrupts human and social capital formation in ways that upsurge the probability of future criminal behavior. There have been debates regarding the efficiency of the correctional institutions particularly for juveniles. Some claim that incarceration tends to deter the juveniles while others claim that that incarceration experience causes individuals to become more hardened.

Resolving this debate is of importance for the young people. Particularly when there is the national push for heightened treatment of the juveniles as adults. Hence, research has discovered that juvenile incarceration with harsh penalties like being tried as adults is ineffective in minimizing juvenile crime.

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Majority of the research done concluded that incarcerating juveniles only served to minimize their educational achievement and maximize the probability of recidivism as an adult due to experiences in prison. Interestingly, following years of steady upsurge in juvenile incarceration, during the past ten years, juvenile incarceration has began to decline. The literature on juvenile incarceration included comparisons of the adult and juvenile facilities, with the unanimous summary that juvenile facilities tend to be less damaging to the incarcerated minors than the adult facilities.

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