In what ways does language shape our identity

In what ways does language shape our identity

In what ways does language shape our identity.

In what ways does language shape our identity: Language is the method of communication uniquely used by human beings to express themselves. Language is written, spoken or non-verbal. While language is say to consist of words, it is possible to have language without words as human beings communicate through sounds and gestures.

Identity on the other hand involves the aspects and characteristics that make an individual unique and essentially define an individual’s personality. Does language therefore play a role in giving human beings identity? Language gives identity to individuals in several ways.

While there are different languages that human beings use in communication, the key characteristics of these languages are what sets human beings apart from animals.

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It gives cultural identity, intellectual identity and plays a major role in promoting human thought. Language is not just limit to speech and writing. It also includes non-verbal language.

In addition, language has evolved over time to include technological versions that allow the interaction between man and machinery through the genius of programming. However, the differences in language among people should not be use to create divisions in society. No language should be superior to the others.

Therefore, the attempt to segregate the ESL students from English speaking students in LAUSD. Is a wrong approach that undermines the appreciation of language diversity.

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