In Defense of Traditional Marriage

In Defense of Traditional Marriage

In Defense of Traditional Marriage

In Defense of Traditional Marriage:The issue addressed in this article is marriage. The traditional marriage that involves union of a man and a woman. The issue is about how marriage between a man and a woman is the only one recognized as it is the best option. This is because of various reasons that will be explained shortly.

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The second supporting reason is that same-sex marriages are based on emotions; that is love between the couples. In normal marriage, that is woman and man, the marriage is also children driven. The government recognizes this type of marriage, as it benefits the public more.

Denying freedom for two individuals who love each other the right to marriage is the same as violating the rights of equality. This is according to Wardle (2003). If a couple of the same sex decides to love each other and live together, equal rights should be involved as well. Same sex marriages is already a reality, hence prohibiting it should be out of the picture as this will only cause a lot of conflict.

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