Importance of patience among teachers in kindergarten

Importance of patience among teachers in kindergarten

Importance of patience among teachers in kindergarten.

Importance of patience among teachers in kindergarten: Parent and teacher in kindergarten school emphasis on the importance of patience among teachers to enable them efficiently teach young children.  Patience is the act of bearing pain and trial without complains and with calmness regardless of the situation an individual whether difficult, opposing or even hard.

Teaching young children can be unpleasant to teacher because of aggressive behavior that is manifested by children which might make them uncomfortable with children and their position as teachers.

Arguably, teachers who rely on patient only while dealing with young children are more likely to be exhausted and run out of the patient which will eventual result in unsuitable behavior and attitude among teachers.

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Considering the needs of the children will assist teachers to realize that children with unsuitable behaviors are not disrupting their teaching and will always give them time to gain trust from children, as they grow by paying attention and respond to their need properly.

Teachers who comprehend the developmental needs of the children will always give them time to understand and realize the world around them as they relate with people. The virtue of patience in teaching young children is not an effect way of teaching children as it develops conflicts eventually as they interact in the classroom.

Therefore, teachers are required to have a healthy relationship with children as they are vulnerably in development.  They should incorporate patience and development understanding to assist children develop and cope with classroom needs.

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