Implications of access to water

Implications of access to water

Implications of access to water.

Implications of access to water: We all know that water is life: It supports our animals and plants among many other universal uses. Therefore, water is a basic commodity just like cloth, food and shelter (Anne, 2012). In fact, these commodities rely on water at one time or the other.

Therefore, it is such a shame to see that some people in Mozambique are forced to take walk that are as long as 30 kilometers in search of this commodity (King, 2007).

According to the Red Cross society, more than half of the country’s households do not have access to clean water. In fact, a charity group from the United Kingdom, which has been in Mozambique from as early as 1995 put the number of households with, clean in the whole country at 47% (Stern, 2013).

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Even if these children were to try and concentrate in class the following day after having walk for such long distances, they would not be in a position to absorb as much as relaxed children in other countries would (Stern, 2013).

This also means that these children would not have time for other social activities like playing with their friends or even doing their homework (Anne, 2012). This is because; they would always be occupied with fetching water when they are free.

Mozambique is just one of the countries in Africa, who struggle with water challenges (UNICEF, 2003). It is such a shame to see children who are as young as below 10 years of age walking for more than half an hour just to get drinking water.


Anne, I. (2012). Water governance– challenges in Africa: Hydro-optimism or hydro-pessimism?. Bern: PETER LANG.

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