Impact on nursing of the 2010 IOM report

Impact on nursing of the 2010 IOM report

Impact on nursing of the 2010 IOM report.

Impact on nursing of the 2010 IOM report: After the Affordable Care Act came into play in 2010, it became clear that a number of barriers prevented nurses from being able to change to respond to changes in the healthcare setting.

In light of this situation, the Institute of Medicine in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation came up with a report that would address this matter.

The report had within it eight suggestions that would enable people within the nursing profession to be well positioned so they could lead advances and changes in healthcare. This would enable people in the nursing profession play their vital role in realization of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

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that members of the nursing profession have been allocated the necessary resources to allow them fulfill their role in the realization of the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Healthcare in the U.S has become significantly better as there are more professionals in the field. That are confident and competent in their practice.

This has been facilitated by the recommendation by the report. To allow nurses to practice to the full extent of their training. More training and education therefore leads to more responsibilities.

The nurses are also well trained and are hence capable of handling the complexities of healthcare. Their leadership role has also been realized as nurses have now been given their rightful role in decision making and strategic thinkers.


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