Impact of Technology in Education

Impact of Technology in Education

Impact of Technology in Education

Technology is a technique that is being used in the education sector, which continuously transforms and presents innovative opportunities meant for training and learning. Its outcomes depend on the people’s choices about growth and use. Educators are vital essentials in the education coordination. It is because they are accountable to the progress of learners and teachers should be conscious of moral responsibilities.

Technological expansions have numerous impacts on the lives of human beings. The outcomes may be classified economically, socially and educationally have an effect on our everyday lives. Technological determinism is extremely imperative to clarify the pattern of human interactions and behaviors, predominantly at the start of the industrial revolutions that saw numerous technological developments (Servaes 2014).

In the contemporary age, technology reins almost on every aspect of human ventures and subjects of concern. It cannot be assumed that technology has a very significant effect on human life because the majority of the main achievements and construct of human being civilization are founded on technological innovation and technology utilization.

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Even though not regularly given the tag of technological determinist, researchers think that technology is manipulating the education systems. They also believe that constructive ways also hold the identical supposition that technology affects the uses and impacts culture, but in an advantageous way. In the field of e-learning, for example, some known researchers affirm that didactic technologies can change the learning practice in positive ways. It will in turn improve the learning experience.

Servaes, J. (2014). Technological determinism and social change: Communication in a tech-mad world.

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