Impact of IT Systems in Retail Industry

Technology use in businesses is on the increase with every business aiming to boost performance and gain a competitive edge. Advent of IT systems have been very useful in the management of the global businesses. Today, companies are going global and locating I various countries. It is important for a global company to have an integrated system to integrate business operations across the world. Technology has boosted the global business, and it is technology that has motivated business to go global. The increase in globalization in the retail business has led to the advent of IT systems used to manage sales, supply, logistics, and inventory. The use of IT in retail has increased significantly, and large retail companies such as Wal-Mart are using IT systems to enhance operations throughout the world. IT has enabled retail companies to manage complex retail operations. It is also useful in control and management of data and information. IT systems have been identified as a key to gaining competitive advantage in the global market in the retail industry.

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The advent of various IT systems is changing the retail industry. IT systems have enhanced supply chain management, improved inventory management, improved payment services, and enhanced data and information management. it is important for a company to synchronize various IT systems, and manage the systems properly to ensure that systems lead to the success of the company.

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