Impact of Business Unionism

Impact of Business Unionism

Impact of Business Unionism.

Impact of Business Unionism: While researching text written about Business Unionism, one comes across various authors with publications about the topic business unionism, particularly in journals, articles, newspapers, bronchus, pamphlets, and books.

This paper will discuss Business Unionism in the most conclusive manner by looking at the various impacts it has had on the U.S labor movement. Business Unionism can be defined as a trade-union ideology and activity that focuses on the improvement of salaries, working conditions, hours etc., Rather than on the capitalistic system general reform (Moody, 1988).

Business unionism became prominent for the first time in the 1880s, after trade union leaders systematized the American Federation concerned with Labor (AFL) and plainly emphasized improvements in hours, wages, and working conditions.

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It is thought that to embrace political allegiances would split union members. The union movements would make dogmatic allegiances based on rationality, supporting diverse parties on an issue basis. However, unions declined to make long-lasting allegiances (Hattam,1993).

There is a propensity of thinking that business unionism is non-militant is not true. Business unions have employed direct action to acquire results for their affiliates. But business unions apply direct actions and strikes differently as compared to social unions.

Business unions only make use strikes to maintain and exert their bargaining stance. Business unions however tend to be extra cooperative with administration. And identify workers’ concerns as being with the establishments’ success (Wheeler, 2002).


Moody, K. (1988). An injury to all: The decline of American unionism. London: Verso.

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