Immigration in the United States

Immigration in the United States

Immigration in the United States.

Immigration in the United States: There are many people who migrate to the United States every day. This is either temporary or illegally. Others find their way into the United States and either legally or illegally. Those who migrate to the United States legally either come here to work, study or as tourists.

For the last couple of decades, the number of immigrants who move here illegally has continued to supersede those who come here legally. Illegal immigration can be defined as illegal movement of people across national borders without observing the migration laws of that state.

The United States of America interprets illegal immigration into three categories. They include; general illegal entries, border crossing card violation as well as when someone overstays their visa periods.

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economic status of the U.S would help them lead better lives, as well as providing better opportunities of helping their families back at home. In as much as the above perception may be true, I feel that there are other countries that one can immigrate to and become just as prosperous.

Otherwise if it were up to me, I would ask people to stop immigrating and build their countries to become just as great as the United States of America. Otherwise, one can never solve his/her problems by running away from them.

I would recommend people to stay in their countries and work on them till they develop to be at par with the United States of America in terms of politics, social and even economic wise.

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