Deportation policies have been in place since the 18th century. The United States of America has been banishing people from its soil since the 18th century. This polices have since evolved as human rights policies became popular. Different presidents have also handled the deportation policy differently.

Though there is change, the deportation policy is still rigid and at times biased. President Obama has made his mark in leadership by being deporting more immigrants than the other presidents before him. Obama has deported close to two million immigrants since he came to power.

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The deportation policy is a major tool in reducing crime and protecting America form attack. However, this policy should be revised to ensure that fairness prevails. The change in the modern day deportation policy is due to the immigrant rights activists. They are the ones walking on the streets fighting for the rights of the immigrants.

Politics is also another driver of change in the deportation policy. Six years later, Obama has not changed the deportation policy but promises to review it and make it more humane. Immigrants hope depend on whether the president will review that policy.

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