Ideas in the Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology

Ideas in the Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology

Ideas in the Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology.

Ideas in the Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology: The main issue of contention in philosophy of mind has been defining the nature of reality. This has led to the development of a variety of ideological frameworks that seek to define what exists.

The first ideology is Idealism which considers the overall nature of reality as being constructed purely on minds and ideas. As such, according to idealists, no physical things exist in the universe, rather what we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is merely the product of the mind.

Idealists believe that the soul drive existence and hence, the external world is a direct product of the mind and is subsequently inseparable from it. On the other hand, Materialism argues that matter or physical substance exists in the universe.

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things that do not occur in the mind or understanding. Further, in Book IV (Chapter IV, section 3), Locke posits that the mind does not know objects immediately. Rather only through the interpolation of the ideas it (the mind) has about the object.

In these statements, what Locke considers as “things” are actually corpuscularian (things themselves). That is, individual corpuscles or collection of corpuscles mainly contain primary qualities and the powers originating from them.

In essence, Locke argues under this theory that external objects in the universe cause individuals to generate ideas. From which they can deduce the existence of objects.

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