Ideal Personal Computer

Ideal Personal Computer

Ideal Personal Computer.

Ideal Personal Computer: The computer is one of the most important and remarkable products of technological innovations. With a functional hardware and the right software applications, it makes work easy.

The ideal personal computer has hardware, which constitutes of monitor, motherboard, printer, and others which are essential for a functional computer.

Hardware system in a computer can be defined as all the components of a computer, whereas the software include all the instructions written on a computer’s hardware for reasons such as output, input, storage and processing.

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also known as random access memory, stores information temporarily while the computer is in use. On the other hand, the secondary drive, which is also known as hard drive, stores data once saved in the computer. Flash drives and CDs are also important devices for data storage.

The operating system is crucial software that controls and manages the computer via the use of interface. It runs the applications, retrieves, stores, controls hardware, and manipulates data and files. Windows version is an example of the operating system that makes the computer functional. The other common softwares that are installe in a computer include computer games, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, antivirus among others.

The latter softwares are the most popular for personal computers. The main reason as why I need a computer is browsing and storing personal information. The internet enables me to do my research adequately, after which I store the data I collect in the hard drive. I find computer very essential and I would not imagine a world without it.

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