I am Not Racist

I am Not Racist

I am Not Racist.

I am Not Racist: Both Redden (2012) and Fischer (2012) have a common view on what is happening in many universities and colleges in the United States. While Redden focus on verbal abuses and abusive tweets aimed at international students, Fischer focus on the kind of friendship that exist between international students from Asia and the American students in the U.S universities.

When referring to international students, both articles focus more on Chinese students mainly because of the recent influx of Chinese students especially at the undergraduate level in the American colleges and universities.

Redden (2012) uses example of tweets made by students at the Ohio State University who claim that Asia students walking past them want to eat their dog, others claims that Asia university smell like butt holes.

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and the country of origin. The articles have discussed some sensitive topic that is not openly discussed and opened the eyes of the readers to know what is happening in the American colleges and universities.

This is important in that the readers can question the role of the office of international students at the academic institutions. The office which is tasked to ensure internationalization of the students either does not function or there are no enough efforts made to get rid of neo-racism.

This paper propose that each student take an initiative to understand each other. Not based on country  of origin, race, culture or language in order to end neo-racism at academic institutions.


Fischer, K. (2012). Many Foreign Students Are Friendless in the U.S., Study Finds.

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