This paper has been designed to create an understanding in regards to the critical factors that concern the hypothyroid as a condition that affects all kinds of people and different ages. The primary function performed by the thyroid is to manufacture the thyroid hormones, and the hormones are always secreted into the bloodstream after which they will be carried to all the other parts of the body and in every tissue within the circulatory system. The hormone also helps to maintain the body temperature as well as in the moderation of the way the body uses the energy.

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The paper will be revolving around the creation of a dynamic level of understanding in regards to the essential factors that contribute to the disease of hypothyroidism.This research is vital in providing an insight on the importance of the information that is available, and that should be used to clarify the knowledge regarding the disease, the symptoms, the causes, the diagnosis processes and the treatment programs that could work well for the patients. This research has shown that much information out there has not reached the intended public due to the lack of awareness and so this research aims at providing valuable insight on the essential facts regarding hypothyroidism as disease affected the thyroid glands.

Adlercreutz, H. (2007). Lignans and human health. Critical Reviews in
Clinical Laboratory Science. 44 (5-6) 483-525.

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