Hypertension in Asian Americans

Hypertension in Asian Americans

Hypertension in Asian Americans.

Hypertension in Asian Americans: There are many ways in which human beings relate with each other in their day to day activities. The way we relate to these issues, and our capability to handle or tackle them to the best result dictates a lot about what we want to achieve in life.

These things can also be use to determine our achievements or the areas in which we have failed to prosper to our expectations. Sociology can therefore, be defined as the study of critically analyzing people’s activities on a day to day activity basis.

In terms of sociology and how human beings relate to each other, diseases or infections that attack a certain population can sometimes severe socializing ties between people of different ethnic groups, religions and race among other factors.

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In Asian Americans, this condition’s epidemiological studies clearly put this community at higher rates of having this condition than any other race.

In fact, a research done in 2010 showed that 57% of stroke deaths that occur in India are caused by hypertension (Zane & Young, 2013). The fact, research also show that in the year 1990. Cardiovascular diseases contributed to more than 2 million people in India.

Many scientists have tried coming up with different explanations with some citing sodium intake. And reduced physical activity among the Asian American population as the reasons. Although none of these theories has proved to be constant.


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