Hydrologic Cycle of Colorado River Basin

Hydrologic Cycle of Colorado River Basin

Hydrologic Cycle of Colorado River Basin.

Hydrologic Cycle of Colorado River Basin: Colorado River is one of the most important water basins in America. The basin is located in the south western of the United States covering an area of 250,000 square miles, while the Colorado river covers about 1400 miles long.

It originates from the rocky mountain and ends in the Gulf of California, Mexico. It is managed by numerous federal laws, compacts, contracts, and court decisions, which decide the amount to locate in each dam.

Its water sustains millions of people, wildlife, and endangered fish. Roughly 33 million people across California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Mexico and Utah depend on Colorado River for water supply. It is the symbol of the west as it sustains life in the arid areas where it passes through.

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meet the growing needs of the growing population and ensure sustainability. Several proposals have put in place in an attempt to save the lifeline of the southwest population.

Means to fund conservational programs have been implemente by the federal government. To meet the needs of the environment, economy and the quality of life.

These programs are aim at supporting cost effective investments in water supply infrastructure and maximize water supply in a sustainable way. All efforts aimed at conserving Colorado River basin should be strengthened for the sustainability of Colorado River, which is an economic base for many.


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