Humor and Persuasion

Persuasion plays a paramount role when people pas information to others. In essence, persuasion attempts to alter one’s perception of someone or something. One can use several tactics to convince another into acting in a manner that pleases them or rather doing something they want that person to work on. On the other hand, humor is a tool that is often used to influence others. Precisely, the use of humor to persuade others may result to either negative or positive effect.

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There are a number of persuasion theories for one to persuade another. Subsequently, humor may be integrated into these persuasion theories although it could or lack to persuade someone. It may backfire on you, or assist you persuade others (Hobbs, 2007, p. 4). Ultimately, determining when to and when not to use humor in arguments is a paramount aspect to remember. The establishment of a good rapport with people creates a good feeling and connection with the parties involved. In most cases, someone who uses humor in the right way will more easily persuade people. Greater success in persuasion can only be achieved when one knows the right time to use humor.

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