Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is defined as the recruitment, moving, relocating, concealing or receiving of people by use of force, coercion, kidnapping, deception and abuse of power. Human trafficking occurs when one receives money or other benefits so as to gain control over someone solely to exploit them. The people who are exploited do not necessarily give their approval as most of them are smuggled illegally through international borders hence illegal immigrants (Ruggiero, 1997. P 231-244).

Human trafficking is carried out mostly by organized gangs who move people to other countries for labor,become commercial sex workers,slavery and for organ donations.Human trafficking is the second largest thriving underground business in the world

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Carrying out research will also assist in acquiring and budgeting of the funds provided to fight the trade. sex trafficking is a major problem in the world today.Globalization has brought about positive effects by making the world a global village where all countries can trade with each other at ease and enhanced opportunities for people to migrate.

However, with such benefits, it has also brought about a whole new business whose mandate is to take advantage of those looking for a better life. Stringent regulations and actions need to be taken so as to reduce this business that is rapidly growing. Informed action should be taken through carrying-out comprehensive sociological research.

Boswell, T., & Dixon, W. J. (1993). Marx’s theory of rebellion: A cross-national analysis of class exploitation, economic development, and violent revolt. American sociological review, 681-702.

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