Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is among the many global phenomena that manifest in the form of organ trafficking, sex trafficking, and bonded labor. It is a severe violation of human rights where a person is induced to commercial sex or labor through coercion, force, or fraud. It is the act of control and power and control of the trafficker, not the movement of persons. Notably, poverty is the biggest cause of human trafficking. In sex trafficking, children and women are simply reduced to objects that gratify sexual commodity. This act in general has become a business to many. In fact, it has lately become an organized million dollar industry headed by corrupt public officials, investors and unscrupulous recruiters (Bales 55).

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Human trafficking at any level whether local or regional has an impact on the global perspective. Many incidences have been revealed amongst many avenues in the sex industry including fake massage businesses, hostess clubs, residential brothels, and online escort services.It  is a practice we all should condemn.

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