Human Sexuality

According to the article, identifying the Influences on Responsible Sexuality Decision-Making, sexual health is a vital part of the well-being and part of good overall health. Shelia Clark notes that sexuality is a part of human development and human life, she also adds that good sexuality health implies the ability to weigh the responsibilities, risks, the ability to understand the impacts of sexual actions to be comfortable and knowledgeable with one’s body.

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Mainly, this is because parents are sometimes unable to make the right decisions by playing their roles, which has a huge impact on the choices these teenagers make in sex. The social utility has defined as the ability of the public to utilize all available opportunities to assist groups, and individuals in making the right decision in sex.

Eccles, J. S. (2005). Subjective task value and the Eccles et al. model of achievement-related choices. Handbook of competence and motivation, 105-121.

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