Human Resource in Healthcare

Human Resource in Healthcare

Human Resource in Healthcare

Human Resource in Healthcare:The department of human resource of any organization is the most sensitive branch. It is because it involves handling human beings who are subject to emotions and fatigue. The employees are also breadwinners for their families and any step taken by the human resource management should take into consideration the sensitivity of the people it deal with. The case of Breath Easy, Inc. is a typical example of how challenging the management of human resource of an organization can get and more so in times of financial crisis. The department of human resource has to watch its moves because they can spark mass action which will have negative publicity to the organization. The company should also comply with all the applicable employment laws and statutes so as to avoid legal challenges and lawsuits. This paper will address all the aspects of human resource as the business is closing.

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The human resource department can try and make connections for its employees to be employed by these business partners and friends. In the negotiation table, this argument should be used to convince the employees. That the organization has an initiative of negotiating with it business partners for them to absorb a number of the employees who will be left jobless. The employees should also be made to believe that the organization is not calling it quits. They should understand that the company is just putting a hold on its operation and not quitting entirely. It should be explained to them that once the company will resume its operation, then they will be absorbed and be employees of the organization again.

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