Human Resource Development change in an organization

Human Resource Development change in an organization

Human Resource Development change in an organization

Change has been a central concept in human resource development. Changes in human resource development emerged from two basic direction including organizational change and individual change. Hence, individual change model in human resource emphasis on the way people change and the primary emphasis is on the individual and assisting the individual change herself or himself. In addition,career development specialist focus on helping people to change their jobs and lives. On the other hand, organizational change embraces the individual and the context of changing the organization.

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In conclusion, techno-structural intervention includes organizational structure, business process redesign, organizational system, social-technical system, competency-based management and organizational learning. The aim of techno-structural interventions tries to change the status quo of workers. Therefore, the most efficient work design clearly specifies the task to be performed, efficient work design to states the task to be performed and the methods to use and workflow among individuals.

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