Human Resource Application

Human Resource Application

Human Resource Application

Human Resource Application:The quality of the services and practices of human resources management is an indispensable determinant of the success of a corporation. Modern-day corporations are integrating technology in the human resource management function to make its endeavors more effective and streamlined.

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The HP application, which is part of the human resources technology in the company, is an indispensable implement in the daily HR operations. Indeed, it is a tool that has added value to the human resources department and the company in general, seeing that planning, compensation, performance appraisal, staffing as well as development-centered training, and other HR functions, have been effective and more rationalized.

Ali, A. (2013). Significance of human resource management in organizations: linking global
practices with local perspective. Journal of arts, science & commerce, 4(1), 78-87. Pakistan. Faculty of Management Information System, National University of Sciences & Technology.

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