Human Resource Apple Corporation

Human Resource Apple Corporation

Human Resource Apple Corporation.

Human Resource Apple Corporation: Apple is one of the most successful and recognizable company. With over three decades of existence, Apple has undergone major changes with its computer. The world is changing rapidly and the company has to survive the future.

In order for the company to remain competitive in the market position, it has been innovative.  In order for Apple to create value in the competitive computer industry, it has forged a strategy of innovation. For instance, its strategy initiative is to produce market product that focus on elegance and quality.

The competition in technological industry continues to be more intense; thus, driving prices down. Therefore, effectively utilizing human resources is paramount. Thus, with the excellent stewardship of its top management Apple has continued to become innovative in the market.

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Apple idea of allowing its employees to create wealth within the company is a great motivator for innovation. Employees are not encouraged to develop personal wealth but focus on improving the company. The top management give employees regular stock grants to reward contribution to Apple. By doing this, the manager is sending the message that individual accomplishment is only significant if Apple is successful. Thus, the workforce is more focus on product entirely (Pollitt, 2010).

Although Apple produces extraordinary products from its top manager approach to human resource, it is different from competition like Google and facebook, who produce exemplary products. Finally, apple has continued to grow vastly and improve its sustainability (Scullion, 2011).


Pollitt, D. (2010). Talent Management. Bradford: Emerald Group Pub..

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