Human Nature

Human Nature

Human Nature.

Human Nature: Several theories have been put into the fore to explain the concept of “dualism.” Dualism is the existence of two in one, where every human being is thought to have in themselves two parts. This ideas has not only faced controversy but has also generated interest.

From the greatest thinkers of the past, the likes of Plato and Socrates to the modern utilitarianism, the concept of dualism is growing by the day and in the process amassing very different views.

Plato held the opinion that the dualism is majorly a distinction of desire and reason, where one can have a given desire but due to reason they do different things which may not necessarily fulfill their desires.

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It is safe to admit that the human being may have split thought about something, whether this means a conflict within oneself is a matter of personal opinion.

However, it is common knowledge in most societies that one cannot have all they desire since this will lead to others not having what they desire. Desires in the human being society often than not contradict and this is where reason comes in. Reason tells us that we cannot have all that we desire.

In the pursuit of self-happiness, we should understand that other human beings also have the desire to happiness and because the happiness may contradict, it is vital that reason reign. If the two human beings have conflicts in them, then in most modern societies, evident with the formation of rules and regulation, reason is expected

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