Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development; This entails three domains: physical, cognitive, or social-emotional. These domains of human development are very important in observing child development.

Lifespan development is a term used about the occurring changes that take place within an individual’s life, from conception, birth, and through and into old age. Majorly, within lifespan development, there are six stages which include; infancy, childhood, adolescence, early adult hood, middle age and finally older age.

Parent child relationship is a major building block in a child’s socio-emotional development. The early positive relationship will greatly help the children to achieve later success in school and life. The relationship helps a child to build and establish a personal connection between them and others.

The first stage, infancy, refers to the period between birth and two years. However, there is the development of many psychological characteristics.

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We can therefore, ascertain that parents are the major influences in children’s life, and they deserve all the credit and responsibility in what children become. The parent child relationship is essential during early development, and perceptions created in early ages impacts on one’s socio emotional development.

This is the adolescence stage where there is idealistic, logical and complex thoughts development, plus the child seeking independence from the parents. The next stage is the early adult hood. This is between twenty and forty years and is characterized by the establishment of persona and financial development.

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