How World War II changed America

How World War II changed America

How World War II changed America.

How World War II changed America: It is beyond doubt that the Second World War contributed to the industrialization of most countries across the world. America is one of the nations that changed because of World War II. Economy, industry, and technology have changed to the better.

The effect of World War II has been on a global scale with specific speculation that is probably a nuclear war which is devastating in nature. There has been broad speculation of the next war globally due to the nature of the past wars that the world experienced.

This has been a reason for many other countries to boost their technology and economy. Technology advance to the use and testing of nuclear weapons. Countries began to spend more money on research and development of technology as a defense mechanism.

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Many authors have disagreed on the general effects of World War II on America (Rosenberg, 2011). In conclusion, World War II changed the American economy and technology.

A lot of funds were used on military and nuclear weapon testing. Youths were left jobless and technology derailed (Horne, 2012). However, after the end of the war, economy picked up and inflation declined.

Technological innovations heightened and today America is one of the most developed and industrialized countries in the world. America today has continuous emergence of new technologies (Peitsch, Burdett & Gorrara, 2006).


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