How women are treated in Islam and Hindu

How women are treated in Islam and Hindu

How women are treated in Islam and Hindu.

How women are treated in Islam and Hindu: Multiculturalism refers to the existence of multiple cultures in a single community. It infers a cultural diversity. Different places, communities have various cultures, multiculturalism models that enable them interact with issues of gender, religion, and sexuality.

London has a multiculturalism model that addresses these issues. The London’s multiculturalism model interacts with issues of religious and gender differences through responding to their needs. Every culture has freedom to uphold their beliefs and values.

This paper seeks to discuss how London’s model of multiculturalism interact with issues of religion, gender and sexuality. There are different issues that affect Islam women.

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Multiculturalism in London has interacted with sexuality in Islam culture in a number of ways. The model allows the practices of individual values and beliefs as prescribed in Islam culture. Islam women are guide by sources of law within the Islam culture.

In many instances, the Islamic women are regard as backwards, living in a society that is dominant by men. Some of the Islamic women also defend their religion claiming that Islam is a guarantee of excellence in the rights of women.

The London’s multicultural model allows women in Islamic culture to have both rights and duties within the society. The model attempts to give equal opportunities to cultures such as Islam, and every group is responsible for the kind of cultural practices they believe and carry out (Narayanan 23-24).

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