How Westerners View Arab Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriage refers to the kind of marital union where the groom and the bride are chosen by a third party other than each other. This type of marital union is very popular especially in the Arabic world. Some of the third parties who can be involved in selecting either the groom or the bride may include parents of party, friends, or even relatives. Since many of these people who practice arranged marriages do not necessarily date as is the norm in the Western culture, for example, many couples who are of age look to this type of marital union as a means to wedded bliss.

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The Westerners also think that those in arranged marriages are not happy. However, it is evident that the Arabs know that couples in arranged marriages are usually very happy. Finally, it is also clear that spouses in arranged marriages tend to feel more in love over time unlike their counterparts in regular marriages. In light of the view of Westerners on Arab arranged marriages, what really can be done to correct the misunderstandings that the Westerners currently have on this aspect of the Arabic culture?

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