How to teach reading to a student who is struggling

How to teach reading to a student who is struggling

How to teach reading to a student who is struggling

Numerous children struggle to read and learn and these problems can continue into adulthood. To tackle this problem, researchers have studied the processes that motivate reading. An instructive body of work has, therefore, identified fundamental skills such as knowledge, vocabulary and decoding as essential for successful reading.

Furthermore, researchers have begun to study comprehension skills and their impact to the reading process. This article will describe research based on the cognitive processes and sciences that underlie coherence-oriented comprehension to present a theoretically and empirically driven perception for investigating struggling readers’ difficulties.

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A strong base of reading comprehension instruction in the initial years of school may assist children like Blanca evade reading failure in their upper grades, however, when primary reading instruction fails, it is not  late to present a suitable reading intervention to children that have entered the upper grades with no sufficient reading comprehension skills.

A prosperous literacy atmosphere, with an emphasis on vocabulary achievement, and instruction in several cognitive strategies are likely to assist struggling readers. Additionally, a short-term instructional intervention that is founded on main-idea and self-generated questioning offers effective and practical support for students such as Blanca.

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