How the human body buffer pH

The pH refers to the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, it is also commonly known as power of hydrogen. The body of a human being has a lot of chemical reactions which take place. Most of the chemical reactions that occur in the body are affected by the pH. The various body reactions do not take place at the same pH levels, and thus the body must maintain a favorable pH for the different body reactions to take place. A slight variation of the pH below or above the normal pH levels has a lot of lethal effects. This paper will lay an exclusive focus on how the human body buffers the pH of the body so that the pH is maintained at a level which is favorable for the body reactions to take place.

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In conclusion, the human body has various buffer systems which work hand in hand in the maintenance of a normal body pH. The protein buffer, the renal buffer and the respiratory buffer plays a very key role in the maintenance of a normal pH.

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