How the film portrays the 1950s and African Americans

How the film portrays the 1950s and African Americans

How the film portrays the 1950s and African Americans.

How the film portrays the 1950s and African Americans: A Raisin in the Sun makes use of black characters to bring out intended themes as evident in the then African American life.

Through proper depiction of the character’s struggles in life, both personal and familial, the movie manages to gain the audience’s attention by portraying realism beyond belief.

The author, Paris Qualles, pays keen consideration to the proliferating inferior social status of the blacks during the period in which the movie mirrors as a depiction of the social climate in the 1950s.

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In the end, he ends up realizing that his mother’s dream of purchasing a house carried more vitality solely because it united them as a family. The unity depicted by the Young family reflects to the successful assimilation of the whites and the blacks because it is during this period that black people started living in white neighborhoods2.

This realization, therefore, contributes to the entirety of the film’s purpose. Which is to demonstrate the African-American struggle for prosperity in an era when racial segregation was at peak1. From a positive perspective, dreams in this movie motivate the characters to work harder against the tough standards of living.

Conversely, dreams also placed the characters in a dissatisfied state with their present lives. However, this dissatisfaction with the character’s present lives further motivated them towards working harder. To achieve the lives they always wanted thus reflecting the American Dream.


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