How social media use in organization impacts organizational information security

How social media use in organization impacts organizational information security

How social media use in organization impacts organizational information security

Social media is among the greatest achievement in the history of the internet. With billions of social connections and users, social media has undeniably dominated our personal communication. Organizations are also using social media, they have become increasingly aware of social media potential in addressing their needs. While social has brought about great benefits for both individuals and organizations, it poses severe security threats. According to an annual report that was compiled by Secure Enterprise 2.0 Forum in 2009, organizations are faced with eight major social media security threats.

The main threats that social media poses to organizations are cross-site scripting, insufficient authentication controls, information leakage, phishing, cross-site request forgery, insufficient anti-automation, information integrity and injection flaws. In addition, social media are susceptible to cyber-attacks techniques such as spear phishing, web application attacks, and social engineering. Regardless of whether an organization is large or small, the cost of security breaches can be extremely adverse. In severe cases, they can lead to loss of revenue, legal fees, loss of stakeholder’s trust, and many other unforeseen outcomes. Measures that organizations should take in order to safeguard their organizational information from social media threats include developing social media use and security policy, providing user education and training program, monitoring employee’s internet activity, software update, and archiving of social media content.

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In summary, an effective notification and response plan should have a procedure or a step by step process of reporting incidents, data breaches, information leaks, password compromises, malware and viruses among others (Fry, 2013). The incident notification and response plan also has to outline the appropriate course of action clearly, the individuals to be contacted, ways of mitigating the risk among other relevant issues.


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