How might new technologies, economic factors, social trends, and new practice options for nurses affect future definitions of nursing?

The nursing practice faces significant difficulty as it advances to improve the healthcare system it offers to the public. The practice seeks to prepare advanced practice registered nurses to offer better healthcare services to the society. Changes in the society have resulted in challenges and new opportunities available to the nursing practice and nursing programs in academic institutions. As a result, there have been transformations in the nursing profession influenced by social, economic and technological factors and developments in the nursing practice. This paper outlines the influence of technologies, economic factors, social trends and new practice options for nurses affect future definitions of nursing.

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In conclusion, social, technological, and economic factors play a role influencing future definitions of nursing and the new nursing practice. Economic changes in the society have contributed to the increase in cost of healthcare, and this has necessitated increased government expenditure on healthcare. Social factors such as increased racial diversity have improved learning in nursing institutions.

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