How is Beowulf an epic poem

An epic is described as an extensive narrative poem on an enormous and grave matter, communicated in an elevated style. It is as well centered on a quasi-divine or heroic figure on engagements whose actions depend on a tribe’s, a nation’s, or the human race fate. A traditional epic was shaped by a fictional artist from legendary and historical materials, which were created in his nation’s oral traditions for the period of warfare and expansion (Hatto, 2009).

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In conclusion, using the factors explained in this essay, there is no reason for anybody to consider that Beowulf isn’t an epic. Beowulf embodies the norms for an epic stunningly and ought to be regarded as one of the best epics.

Saunders, C. J. (2010). A companion to medieval poetry. Chichester, U.K: Wiley-Blackwell.

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