How humans contribute to Global warming

How humans contribute to Global warming

How humans contribute to Global warming.

How humans contribute to Global warming: By definition, global warming means an increase in the near surface and ocean temperatures of the world. In recent years, scientists have raised concerns about rapid global warming, whose effects are manifesting in the form of climate pattern changes, ice mass loss, increased global temperature, sea level rises, plant and species migration, ocean acidification and changes in atmospheric composition, among others.

Extensive evidence and research in various sectors all conclude that the growing global warming trend is a result of human expansion of the greenhouse effect. Specifically, scientists have agreed that human activities serve to increase the amount of greenhouse gases or heat trapping gases in the atmosphere, subsequently resulting in climate changes.

Primarily, greenhouse gases affect the climate by altering the energy balance of the earth by changing the solar radiation and infrared thermal radiation processes.

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emissions serves to actually cool the earth rather than heat it. Accordingly, it is clear from the evidence presented herein that human activity causes global warming by expanding the greenhouse effect.

The dependence on fossil fuels, deforestation to increase crop and pasture lands, unsustainable land practices and industrialization are all factors which increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

As such, it is our responsibility as human beings to make the right decisions with regard to sustainable living to obviate future consequences of our actions, on our ecosystem.


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