How Goodness in People Still Exist

How Goodness in People Still Exist

How Goodness in People Still Exist.

How Goodness in People Still Exist: In the world, the belief many individuals about people are usually negative (Tuan 15). Some people believe that humans cannot be trusted since they cannot skip over an opportunity to steal from you or harm you.

We hear many stories about bad things happening to people in the presence of bystanders who just observe and take no action. On the other hand, it is not often to hear good people stories; this makes it easy for people to doubt their existence.

Evolutionally psychology often argues that the nature of human is negative and that individuals are short sighted and selfish in search of their own their own self-interests (Keltner 25). Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology tries to argue against this negative belief about human nature.

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Every day, we meet individuals who are deceitful, angry and with the aim of gratifying their own desire and needs. So much greed, anger, distrust and pettiness exist that we are being unable to work effectively as a group (Ariely 12).

Many of the people are distrustful and withdrawn than ever. However, this relentless show of what is nastiest in us makes it important for us to believe in the goodness of people.

Without this belief, there is actually no hope. Goodness in people will always exist as long as people reason. And follow their inbuilt instincts that compel them to be good.

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