How globalization affect culture

How globalization affect culture

How globalization affect culture

How globalization affect culture: This paper seeks to examine the effects of the globalization on culture from an African perspective. Notably, with the current cultural, economic and scientific development, the concept of globalization has affected these aspects. The effects of globalization have impacted in people’s life and their spiritual to a large extent.

The process of globalization is irreversible, as it is a necessary progress in human civilization with positive and negative impacts that cannot be ignored. The most evident aspect in the society is a culture of people who is arguably inevitable from the effects of globalization. Globalization is an unbiased development of human civilization that result from development of human civilization and society development.

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There are positive effects of globalization including integration of culture, speedy access to cultural elements over the internet, global access to cultural heritage and digitization and preservation and artefacts. First, the impact of globalization on cultural integration allow other communities view one another through the internet.  For instance, in Nigeria football is a western culture that unites people in the country regardless of a diverse way of life among people in the country.

Bird, A., & Stevens, M. J. (2003). Toward an emergent global culture and the effects of globalization on obsolescing national cultures. Journal of International Management, 9(4), 395-407.

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