How globalization affect culture

How globalization affect culture

How globalization affect culture

How globalization affect culture: Culture forms a very integral part of every society. Culture refers to the totality of life of individuals in the society. Culture comprises of the customs, behaviors, ideas and other aspects that are transmitted from one generation to another. Culture forms the identity and order in the society where individuals are expected to uphold their culture.

In the modern world, globalization has become part of our daily life.For this reason, globalization has a significant effect on the culture. Globalization has influenced culture negatively and positively. The paper lays an extensive focus on globalization and culture. It focuses on how globalization affects culture.

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In conclusion, globalization has had some positive impacts on culture. There is digitalization of culture and culture has also been integrated. People from different cultures can understand the different cultural values and people have been able to coexist peacefully. We cannot ignore that fact the globalization has also led to significant erosion of cultural practices. There is commercialization of culture and invasion of culture.

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