How Face Inversion Change Face Processing

How Face Inversion Change Face Processing

How Face Inversion Change Face Processing.

How Face Inversion Change Face Processing: Understanding of Face Inversion Effect is vital for analysis of face processing. Some researchers suppose that the processing of inverted faces is qualitatively dissimilar from the processing of upright faces.

This is because facial recognition is less accurate when a face is presented in an inverted position (Moore, 2001). Other researchers argue that the difference can be gauged because recognition of different types of facial information is less effective.

However, children are still fooled by manipulating facial expression. One procedure used in tackling this question is the formulation of both upright and inverted facial images and relating comprehensive recognition of those images.

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This suggests that their ability to make use of configural cues is still developing. Research indicates that there is little proof for noticeable differences in facial recognition, that is quantitatively or qualitatively , when identifying faces until children are 5 years old.

Any detected development could be accounted by non-perceptual aspects. This is because youngsters and adults do not seem to process faces in qualitatively diverse ways.

Children might probably be less effective than adults at recognizing faces, but other causes may also impact their performance, such as attention and concentration, poorer memory, and a delicate vulnerability to the demand features with experimental surroundings. Thus, comparing infants’ scan paths when viewing upright and inverted faces should be helpful in identifying the development of scan path sequences essential for successfully perceiving configural cues.


Moore, J. L. (2001). Describing and recognizing faces: An examination of featural and configural processing using inversion.

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