How does salt affect boiling water?

How does salt affect boiling water

How does salt affect boiling water?

Normally it takes water a long period of time to boil. But in the research paper we will look at the effects of salt on boiling water. Water usually has to hit a boiling point in order to start boiling. But as salt is added it makes the water hit the boiling point within a less duration of time. As more salt is added in the boiling water less time is taken for the water to boil.Through this experiment through the experiment students understand the importance of salt in the boiling of water. Water evaporates very fast in the examples where we have added more salt (U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 71). The amount salt added increases the water temperature. When we add
1 table spoon we increase the boiling temperature by 3o F.
When we add another table spoon to the water we increase the temperature.When we add another table spoon to the water we increase the temperature by another 3

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The amount of water that evaporated in the experiment increased as we added salt in the water. The water to be used in the experiment
needed to be distilled in order to make the results accurate. Science experiments require to be carried out with care and in a neat way in order to avoid mistakes in the results. We can now conclude that salt makes water to boil faster.

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