How Consumerism has Eroded Democracy in America

How Consumerism has Eroded Democracy in America

How Consumerism has Eroded Democracy in America.

How Consumerism has Eroded Democracy in America: Seeing people camping outside Best Buy or Wal-Mart stores on Thanksgiving night is not a shocking scene anymore in America. In fact, this scene has become part of our culture such that it now seems normal.

As such, it is more important for us to spend Thanksgiving night outside American giant stores as we await the end of year promotions than have a good time with our families and friends.

This is the effect of consumerism, which is not only affected the pockets of buyers, but also the families of people who need to work on those days for up to crazy hours of the night in order to meet the demand.

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As well, Barber observes that the modern capitalistic American society has turned adults into ‘children’ thereby denying them of their free will to choose, especially when it comes to shopping.

Young children usually demand anything they lay sight of, or what entices them-they can access the best toys and the sweetest candy bars. However, as they grow up, they must realize the need to live within their means.

This is the only way in which they can safeguard their future and that of their families. Nevertheless, the consumerist society has come up with credit cards that essential undo the austerity teaching. This makes people to be perpetually indebted to the giant corporations and multinationals.

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