How can we prevent plane accident

How can we prevent plane accident

How can we prevent plane accident.

How can we prevent plane accident: Plane accidents which could be avoided happen every year in many countries. The causes of plane crash may be many and to prevent such accident, it is important to understand what the causes of the accidents are.

For instance, the plane Detroit airport accident that occurred in 1997 killing 29 people was as a result of ice building on the wings of the plane when the plane was attempting to land causing it to lose speed and crash.

In other causes, the runway could be the problem like the case of 2006 Comair flight in Lexington that made a wrong turn onto a short runway ending up crashing.

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air spaces, pilots, airports and their facilities as well as the air space management systems. Each of these aspects affects safety air travel in many ways either individually or collectively.

Failure in any of these aspects may result to plane accident. Thus, this paper has suggested the measures that can be taken at each level in order to avoid accidents which have cost the lives of many people.

This paper has also established that safety air travel can be successfully achieved if all the stakeholders work with a common goal; this includes collaborating with airline operators in other countries. If these measures are well implemente, it is expecte that plane accidents can reduce considerably.


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